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Event venue - LETŇANY


The FOR GARDEN Trade Fair was visited by a record breaking number of visitors, namely 35,384. Not only the Exhibition Hall 1, but also the entire outdoor exhibition area was prepared for presentations of firms.


Also this year the trade fair has offered generous space for the meeting of both the professional and general public interested in all garden activities.




At present we are already able to state, with pride, that it is the largest garden trade fair in the Czech Republic focused on garden as a whole and affecting the entire range of garden sectors.


On the area of 4,450 m2 altogether 165 domestic as well as foreign firms presented their activities and exhibited there the best selection of their offer of products and service.




A rich accompanying programme was not missing either. Those interested in entertainment found their favourites at the event, so did those who came there to see the advised innovations of the firms and to acquire the latest specialised knowledge from the sector.


The aim of the trade fair was, however, to draw professional information and acquire new contacts.




This year, more than ever before, it was possible to see that the firms which presented their innovations at the event place always more and more emphasis on quality of their own presentations. In perfect expositions the visitors could appreciate not only the excellent products and offered services, but also the uniqueness with which they were presented.


The visitors could leave the trade fair with a good feeling that they acquired not only high-quality products, services as well as important information, but also that they spent there a pleasant day in beautiful environment decorated with greenery and spring flowers.


The 11th International Trade Fair for Garden Architecture, Furniture, Technology and Public Greenery FOR GARDEN is over. For its existence it has built up its position among respected and renowned trade fairs.


This year’s successful edition of the trade fair encourages both the organiser and exhibitors to prepare with the same perfection for the next year’s edition as well.




We believe that also you have a lot of reasons for seeing and being seen within the framework of the presentations of the most interesting things which Czech as well as foreign markets can offer in the field of garden sectors in 2018.   



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